musicworks treble clefMusic is central to our experience of the world around us. It is a primary source of the way we experience, understand and interpret the world in which we live. It is one of the core experiences that define us, unite us and enrich us.

musicworks exists to promote all forms of music by encouraging, recognising and showcasing musicians work to help them reach a wider audience.

We are also aware of the power of music to improve the quality of life and to promote health and wellbeing. 

Music in Care

Soundtrack To My LifeAs believers in the power of music we are proud to be associated with ‘Music in Care’.

The  ‘Music in Care’ books by John Osborne are, ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ for people with memory loss conditions including dementia, ‘My Music Oasis’ for carers either professionally or caring for family members, and ‘My Story in Music’ for people with life-limiting conditions or at end of life, ‘Music is Medicine’ for people undergoing long term medical treatment and ‘My Journey in Music’ for young people and those with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism (with Luke Fiddes). There is a series of specialised ‘Music in Care’ courses from JoCo Learning & Development Ltd.

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Artistic Projects

musicworks is providing networking opportunities for those who want to perform, with those who are interested in music and want to see it flourish. We are commissioning new music and showcasing local artists alongside national and international artists. We have undertaken national premieres, a three week musical festival, small and full-scale productions in various venues. musicworks has achieved registered charity status and is devoted to education, appreciation, understanding and enrichment of our life experience.

To find out more please visit our Events pages.

musicworks Team

Whilst the key people for us are musicians, performers and supporting technicians we have an established group of key personnel to help deliver our aims. These include:


  • Catherine and John Thompson
  • Dr Anthony and Mrs Gill Kelly
  • Dr Elaine Argyle
  • Professor Justine Schneider

Board of Directors

  • John Osborne – Chairman Strategic & Artistic Development
  • Hazel Ker – Director Marketing & Publicity
  • Jo Belton – Director Finance & Business Development
  • Morven Harrison – Director
  • Rob Harrison – Director


  • Kate Williams – Administrator
  • Rob Harrison – Webmaster