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musicworks treble clefMusic is central to our experience of the world around us. It is a primary source of the way we experience, understand and interpret the world in which we live. It is one of the core experiences that define us, unite us and enrich us.

musicworks exists to promote all forms of music by encouraging, recognising and showcasing musicians work to help them reach their full potential.

We are also aware of the power of music to improve the quality of life and to promote health and wellbeing. This has led us to work  in 2 key areas:-

Whilst the key people for us are musicians, performers and supporting technicians we have an established team of key personnel to help deliver our aims. These include:

John Osborne

Morven Harrison
Artistic Director

Helen Tooth
Music in Care Practitioner & Heron Café Coordinator

James Chaplain
Graduate Intern

Prof Martin Orrell
Prof Justine Schneider
Dr Elaine Agyle
Mayor of Rushcliffe Cllr Sue Mallender

Board of Trustees
John Osborne
Hazel Ker
Jo Belton
Morven Harrison
Victoria Elder
Rob Harrison
Lesley Brown

Farai Pfende
Helena Illingworth

JoCo Learning & Development
Castle Rock Brewery
Lady Bay Community Fund
Trent Bridge Community Trust
Rushcliffe Borough Reach Fund
Little Black Dog Design


Heron Café Continues through Covid-19 Crisis

As many of the people who attend the Heron Music Well Being Cafes experience social isolation we have decided that we must try to stay in touch with people through the current health crisis.

We will be doing this by uploading a new session to Musicworks FaceBook Live and our Musicworks YouTube channel every fortnight starting on Monday 30 March 2020. Though these sessions will be shorter than the usual café sessions we will be providing song lyrics so that people can join in and sing along.

We will also be posting them on our website