music paintWith the musicworks online shop up and running, we are looking for music related merchandise to sell to support the work of the charity. In particular, we would like to develop a series of specially designed greeting cards. We will have these professionally printed and sell them on the site and at musicworks friendly retail outlets.

In addition to the standard Christmas, birthday and get well cards we think it would be good to have musically themed cards e.g:

  • For music teachers to give to pupils who are undertaking exams or auditions – a musical “good luck” card
  • For pupils to give to their teachers – a musical “thank you” card,
  • For performers taking part in a musical event or show – a musical “break a leg” card

Other ideas and suggestions for celebrations and occasions are welcome!

Get Involved

We are seeking the support of our many arty friends and asking them to submit a design or designs that they think would fit the bill. The successful designs will be featured on our website with information about the designers and their work. We will also be seeking press coverage to help promote the initiative, and a display in one of the venues that will sell the finished cards.

We are looking for original, quirky, amusing and tasteful designs all with a music twist. Due to the audience we want to attract, we request that you keep them family friendly! Please ensure that all images are original and are therefore not subject to copyright.

All proceeds from the sale of the cards will go to musicworks.

How to Submit Artwork

Designs should be submitted by the end of September 2016. Please send your design by pdf or high resolution image file to

If you have a painting, drawing or other artwork that you are not able to submit electronically please take a photograph of the artwork and submit that via email. We will consider how we can capture the artwork for transfer to a card if your design is successful.

Other Opportunities

If you have any examples of music based merchandise that you think might be sold through our online shop we are happy to talk to you about the possibility of promoting your work with a commission from each sale going to the charity. For further information please contact us.

If you would be interested in stocking musicworks cards please get in touch.