Volunteer Stories

We asked some of the wonderful people who have given up their time and talents in aid of musicworks to share why they wanted to get involved.

“When I heard about the work that musicworks was doing, I was very eager to get involved, having seen the detrimental effect that dementia has had on my own grandmother. We have always been a very musical family (my grandmother was a talented opera singer and pianist), and so the notion that music could be used as a powerful tool to help combat the effects of mental illness really captured my interest. I have helped to organise an open-mic night for the last two years, which has allowed people to spend the evening enjoying the musical talent that Nottingham has to offer, while also raising money and awareness for a fantastic cause”

Amanda Bruce – Event Organiser

“I have only been working with musicworks for a few months but as a musician myself I was immediately inspired by the team and how the charity uses music to enhance life. Going along to one of their workshops seeing the team in action and how they make toolkits for people with dementia and carers to administrate music in care spoke volumes to me in how I could use music more in my life. Personally music has changed my life and given me purpose and direction and anybody who believes this to be true in their own lives should support musicworks.”

Luke Fiddes – Music In Care Volunteer

musicworks have always been supportive of Tripliquette and have provided us with many opportunities to meet and perform for different people since we started the trio. We understand all too well the power that music can have on people – we often say that our rehearsals are more like therapy than hard work! When we heard about the brilliant work their ‘Music in Care’ projects were doing it made sense for us to give our time to help raise money so that it could help more people. We have been lucky to be able to perform for musicworks fundraisers – it’s always been a fantastic atmosphere and supportive crowd who have come together for a fun night and a great cause.”

Adele, Kate and Emma (Tripliquette) – Volunteer Performers

Sixfoot (aka Jason Proud) decided he wanted to become a musicworks volunteer after taking part in “My Story in Music” training. Having a greater understanding of dementia and his family experience of brain cancer led him to write a rap about dementia entitled “Remember”. This has now been professionally recorded and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music to raise money for musicworks.

Sixfoot (aka Jason Proud)

National Citizen Service

A group of young people from National Citizen Service raised money for musicworks and volunteered at Seely Hirst House as part of their summer project. Seely Hirst accessed ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ Training through our Care Homes Project. Watch this short video to see the impact this group of volunteers had:

If you would like to volunteer for musicworks please contact us to discuss how you can help us.