Music in Care

musicworks are fundraising to support our work with ‘Music in Care’. We aim to support organisations and individuals to access these projects through funding for training and/or books. This includes our Care Homes Project.

The Soundtrack to My Life

The Soundtrack To My Life is for use with people with memory loss conditions including dementia. It draws together the pieces of music of most significance to them into a compilation that can be used in therapeutic ways to reconnect people to their past and improve their quality of life today.

Music in Care

My Music Oasis

My Music Oasis is a tribute to carers who selflessly dedicate themselves to the care and service of others. It is designed to help carers make the most of the limited time they have to rest and relax, whilst also helping them to reflect on the good times that they have shared with the person they care for.

My Journey In Music

My Story in Music

My Story in Music is for people with life-limiting conditions and at end of life to capture and record those pieces of music that have meant most to them during their lives. It is about bringing joy and hope into their experience and creating a legacy of their lives.

My Journey In Music

Music is Medicine

Music is Medicine is for people undergoing long term medical treatment. It helps people to choose music that will support them in particular aspects of their treatment and to apply this therapeutically, to help cope through diagnosis, treatment and to aid healing and recovery.

music is medicine

My Journey in Music

My Journey in Music is a new ‘Music in Care’ project for young people and those with autism or Asperger’s. The project is developing a book and toolkit with advice and guidance for young people, their parents, teachers and leaders about how to use music to help them with their daily lives.

The books are available from JoCo Learning & Development for only £7.99. The books include guidance for completing the information and using the music collected.

My Journey in Music


Training in ‘Music in Care’ is available from JoCo Learning & Development Ltd. For more information about the training programme please visit their website..

For more information about Music in Care please watch this short video:

For information about the research carried out in to ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ click here.