My Journey in Music

My Journey in Musicmusicworks and JoCo Learning & Development have been working with an amazing young man, Luke Fiddes, who lives with Asperger’s on My Journey in Music.

Despite the daily challenges that he faces as the consequence of this condition Luke regards it as a great asset and something that has made him a better person. He has taught himself to play a series of instruments and now uses music to help to shape his day and to bring him “calm and control” when things start to slip out of control. In his role as a classroom assistant he uses music as a way to illustrate and enrich the learning process.

Working together we have created a new ‘Music in Care’ book, My Journey in Music for younger adults, including those who have autism and Asperger’s, to help them navigate the challenges of adolescence with the use of personalised music. The book (COMING SOON!) will share Luke’s story and experiences with a wider audience. It aims to help young people to:

  • express themselves through music
  • compile playlists that can accompany them through their day to day lives
  • to cope better with their journey through school life particularly at transition

My Journey in MusicThe book will also be a useful tool for professionals and families. The principles are:

  • People do not lack the ability to communicate, we lack the ability to understand and interpret their actions and behaviour.
  • You cannot support people with Asperger Syndrome or Autism appropriately without understanding or awareness of their experiences

Luke FiddesAs part of this project, Luke has composed a song about his experiences of working with musicworks and how music has helped him. Luke’s song “I’ll Be There For You” is now available to download from iTunes here and you can watch the video on YouTube below. Part of the proceeds going to raise money for the “Journey” project.



On the 8th September 2016 we launched the ‘My Journey in Music’ project at the Poppy & Pint. Here are some pictures from the event. For videos of Luke’s performances visit our Facebook page.

Are you a teacher, SENCo, parent or group leader that is interested in understanding and benefitting from using music with children and young people as part of learning and development, social time or home life?
If you would be interested in Luke giving a presentation, delivering services or support to your team, community or group or would like to discuss how the project can help you to use music please get in touch via or 0115 9145879