My Music Oasis

My Music OasisWhat is ‘My Music Oasis’?

Having developed the ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ and introduced it to people with memory issues and their carers, both formal and informal, we found that the response from carers was “I want to do one for me!”.

Realising that this was an excellent idea ‘Music in Care’ went one better and set about writing a book specifically for carers. ‘My Music Oasis’ has been designed to help carers make the most of the limited time they have to rest and relax, whilst also helping them to reflect on the ‘good times’ that they have shared with the person they care for.

Concentrating on a variety of life events ‘My Music Oasis’ draws together a wide selection of music memories that hold greatest significance to the carer and their family.

The book includes notes of guidance that are designed to help you to use the ‘My Music Oasis’ to create your truly individual story in music. Information on how you can use the music once your ‘My Music Oasis’ has been completed is also included.

Core Principles

  • Carers have the right to be included in person centred approach
  • Understanding the carer’s wishes, needs, preferences, strengths and abilities will strengthen them and the individual they support.

Person Centred Approach

‘My Music Oasis’ is about getting to know who the carer truly is and recording their personal narrative/life story through the music that reconnects them to their personal identity, memories and feelings.

My Music OasisWho is It For?

  • Family carers
  • Health & Social Care Professionals (Care Workers, Activity Coordinators, Nurses, Managers)

What People Have Said

“I’ve always found comfort and relaxation in music. I used to sit in my car at the side of the road after visiting my dad and just cry. To have this is just brilliant.”

“I love caring for my dad but it’s important not to be forgotten.”

What Does it Cost?

The cost is just £8.99 for each individual book. You will be able to purchase ‘My Music Oasis’ soon from JoCo Learning & Development’s online shop here.

Workshops for Carers

An exclusive workshop for carer groups using ‘My Music Oasis’ is available from JoCo Learning & Development.

JoCo have developed a fun and interactive workshop looking at the power of music and how you can use music to empower your health and enrich your life.

“My Music Oasis” is a workshop designed for people caring for others which recognises and celebrates the vital role that carers play in supporting others, often at a significant cost to themselves. It provides an opportunity to meet other carers and socialise whilst creating your own personalised playlist.

Participants receive a “My Music Oasis” book to keep and use.

Music has been shown to ease physical discomfort and pain, ease emotional distress, promote spiritual awareness, aid relaxation, enhance relationships, improve quality of life, support life review and bring joy and positivity.

What Carers have said about the workshop:

Marie Smith

Marie Smith, Carer

“When I attended ‘My Music Oasis’ for Carers  I wasn’t sure what to expect, I walked into the room with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried, the welcome was warm and friendly. We spent a lovely afternoon sharing favourite tunes and recounting the memories they evoked. There were lots of smiles and laughter with a few tears in between. At the end of the workshop there was a real buzz. We left with new found friendships  and our spirits high. I love playing my playlist, it encourages me to take time out for myself. The workshop was a  really enjoyable  experience, one I would recommend to other Carers.”

“Really enjoyed my afternoon. Lovely sociable time. Evoked some wonderful memories and sad ones! Helpful being with other carers. I’m looking forward to using my book and spending some time focussed on me!”

“This workshop has been extremely informative and a great support to carers.”