My Story in Music

My Story in Music‘My Story in Music’ is a book for people with life-limiting conditions or at the end of life and their families.  The book enables an individual to draw together pieces of music that are significant to them and the story behind the music. It can be used as an important aid for life review to travel with them on their journey and be made into a playlist, so that their ‘personalised music’ can be used as a therapeutic part of their care and support. The book culminates in the selection of pieces of music that can be left
as a legacy to loved ones.

‘My Story in Music’ draws on personal experiences and stories to create a truly unique life story in music. It provides a vehicle for reflection, memories, stories and celebration. It provides a structure whereby difficult conversations can be had and family members involved.

By completing the book and drawing together their personal choices it is possible for people to pass on their selections to live on after them.

The book includes notes of guidance that are designed to help you, your family, carers or support staff to use the ‘My Story in Music’ to create your truly individual story in music. Information on how you can use the music once your ‘My Story in Music’ has been completed is also included.

Core Principles

  • Good end of life care is about physical, spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing
  • Everyone should have the opportunity for life review and legacy

Person Centred Approach

‘My Story in Music’ is about capturing the essence of a person and leaving a musical legacy to enhance the quality of life of those effected by death and dying

My Story in MusicWho is It For?

  • Family carers
  • Health & Social Care Professionals (Care Workers, Activity Coordinators, Nurses, Managers)

What People Have Said

“They are uncomfortable talking about dying and deaths, meaning that when they come to the end of their lives friends and loved ones are not aware of their preferences.” The End of Life Care Strategy published by the Department of Health in 2008

“Spending so much time and talking about someone’s life in such detail creates a better relationship, it  builds up trust and friendship. A very worthwhile exercise for all those involved. It can, if put together well, provide a relaxing and memorable space, filled with significant and person centred memories.” Care Professional

What Does it Cost?

The cost is just £8.99 for each book. You will be able to purchase ‘My Story in Music’ soon from JoCo Learning & Development’s online shop here.


An exclusive training course using ‘My Story in Music’ is available from JoCo Learning & Development.