Soundtrack to My Life

What is ‘Soundtrack’?Soundtrack To My Life

‘Soundtrack to My Life’ is a book designed to help you to draw together the pieces of music that are significant to you. It is unique in that it is not just a list of ‘favourite tunes’ but allows you to write the accompanying life stories. It enables you to be reconnected with your music memories so that you can use them in a therapeutic way.

Although ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ was originally developed for people with dementia, the use of personalised music has shown benefits in people with a variety of conditions and illnesses.

The book includes notes of guidance that are designed to help you, your family, carers or support staff to use the ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ to create your truly individual story in music. Information on how you can use the music once your ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ has been completed is also included.

Core Principles

  • People do not lose the ability to communicate, we lose the ability to understand them.
  • You cannot work with people with dementia without knowing their life history.
  • We are all capable of using music to create memory bridges and reconnections that support people with dementia to live well

Person Centred Approach

‘Soundtrack to My Life’ is about getting to know who a person truly is and recording their personal narrative/life story through the music that reconnects them to their memories and feelings.

stml-coverWho is It For?

  • Family carers
  • Health & Social Care Professionals (Care Workers, Activity Coordinators, Nurses, Managers)

What People Have Said

“Now we play the music (from Soundtrack), she seems to be awake a lot more and actually listening to what we are playing – a bit of stimulation…I think it’s really helped.” Family Carer

“It was very emotional, he was smiling and laughing…it was amazing to watch. Music from his Soundtrack has made such a difference.” Care Worker

“It (Soundtrack) is inspirational and will genuinely benefit people with dementia and their carers” National Care Awards Judges

“I used Soundtrack with a resident I felt I knew well. Even though we already had a good relationship, I learned more about her feelings and what is important to her through Soundtrack.” Care Worker

What Does it Cost?

The cost is just £8.99 for each individual book. You can purchase ‘Soundtrack To My Life’ from JoCo Learning & Development here.


An exclusive ‘Music in Care’ training course using ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ is available from JoCo Learning & Development.