tunecoreFrom the outset one of the main reasons for creating musicworks was to promote and encourage music and musicians. We aim to provide a platform for talent to reach a wider audience and to encourage new, original music to flourish. As part of this goal we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Tunecore account.


Any musician wishing to support musicworks who has a good quality recording of their own original music can have their work uploaded for the small cost of £5.99 per single for twelve months on our account.

musicworks will use our social media platforms and our website to promote the song. Any money raised through sales of the recording will be shared equally between the musician and musicworks for the twelve month period that it is live on the account. All intellectual property to the music remains with the musician and at the end of the year the musician can decide if they wish to renew the arrangement or not.

First Song is Out Now!

Our first song “I’ll Be There For You” written and performed by Luke Fiddes, recorded at Paper Stone Studios in Nottingham is now autism, aspergers, my journey in musicavailable on iTunes and various other platforms thanks to Tunecore. This song has been written as part of our ‘Music in Care’ series ‘My Journey in Music’ and is for young people, including those who have autism and Asperger’s, to help them navigate the challenges of adolescence with the use of personalised music.

Want to get your music out there? For more details of our Tunecore opportunities please contact us.