Live music sessions in the community to enhance wellbeing – dementia friendly & inclusive

The charity musicworks is pleased to be providing live music sessions in the local community. Download poster here.


musicworks exists to promote all forms of music by encouraging, recognising and showcasing musicians work to help them reach a wider audience. We are also aware of the power of music to improve the quality of life and promote health and wellbeing and as such support community, care home and hospice based projects. A few details about our current community project are below. 

Heron Music Café


  1. To use live community sessions to improve wellbeing in the community


  1. To provide a dementia friendly space and event for people living with dementia and    

           their Carers


  1. To offer an inclusive space and event welcoming people with other conditions or        

           experiencing loneliness/isolation


  1. To pay community musicians and music practioners fairly for their work



  1. Music sessions will be facilitated by talented musicians who are experienced in delivering music sessions that enhance wellbeing. They have a range of experience such as working with “singing for the brain”, other community groups and a range of care settings. They have the skills to engage and encourage participants to take the key steps to wellbeing listed below:
  • Connect with others
  • Be active                                  
  • Learn something
  • be mindful
  • Give to others
    1. Participants will be drawn from the local community and may have a dementia, mental health illness (with or without formal diagnosis) or experiencing social isolation. The project whilst dementia friendly aims to be more inclusive than the traditional “dementia music café”. We hope that this will:
  • enable a wide range of people to benefit from the sessions
  • raise dementia awareness
  • reduce stigma/isolation/segregation of people with dementia (other conditions) and their Carers
  • attract a mixed generation and audience to the health and wellbeing benefits of live community music
    1. The sessions will include a small evaluation. Results are intended for sharing with:
  • our current stakeholders which include Lady Bay Community Association (funder), musicworks (board members and patrons), JoCo Learning and development (learning partner)
  • potential/future stakeholders such as local CCGs, Local authorities, funding organisations, Dementia and Carer groups, Dementia Action Alliances, MiD Managed Innovation Network, Metropolitan Housing, STEPS, and others.
  • the general public via press and social media platforms, presentations, events

As such consent will be sought from participants, volunteers and music facilitators to give feedback via short questionnaires and interviews as well as consent to photography, video recording.

  1. musicworks would like to acknowledge and thank the Lady Bay Community Grant for awarding the funding to make this project possible for all six sessions. The charity welcomes donations, grants and gifts to enable more of these projects to happen.

If you have any queries or would like to support this project through volunteering, working as a music facilitator, or fundraising or donating please do not hesitate to get in touch with musicworks here or like and follow us on twitter and facebook